Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Lewchie's Meme of Regrets

Editor JDC of Astonishing Adventures Magazine has meemed me. WAIT. You've purchased the second copy of AAM, yes? You haven't?! Go, right now and get yourself a copy. It's SIGNED. Buy a copy and come back.

Lewch created a personal meme called "5 Things you regret and 5 things you don't." You have to read his. It's so honest. Oy, that boy just doesn't hold back. I'm hoping he moves into some non-fiction action.

Anywho. He tagged Writer Procrastinator, Madam Z, Ms. Guth, Dale and Jewgirl. Here's the dish: "You’ve just learned that tomorrow you will die at sunrise. Tell me the five things you regret and the five things you don’t regret."

I actually try very hard not to have regrets. One of my favorite singers Beth Orton wrote this beautiful song called the Sweestest Decline. One of the lyrics is something that I repeat often and try to live by, "What are regrets? They're just lessons we haven't learned yet."

Katie, enough wit the fuckin' exposition. Geez Louise move it along. Ahhhhkay, gaaaaaahd.

5 Things I Regret

  1. I regret my inability to cope with death and how final it is.
  2. I regret that I didn't speak up at certain times, instead allowing my fear of the consequences to dictate my actions.
  3. I regret that a high percentage of my decisions are rooted in guilt.
  4. I regret that I didn't go all the way with this burly, bearded guy I met in Lake Tahoe when I was a freshman in college.
  5. I regret that my dog died more than you will ever know.

5 Things I don't Regret

  1. That I had 10 uninterupted, beautiful, perfect years with The Kid and that he had such a profound impact on my life. That I was there when he took his first breath and there when he took his last.
  2. That I have driven across country over a dozen times. That I have lived in a half dozen states. That I have lived abroad.
  3. That I am my mother's daughter and my sister's sister.
  4. That I tell the people I love, that I love them, every single time I speak to them, even if it's 50 times a day.
  5. That my closest and bestest friends love me and let me love them back.

I am tagging the below people because I really want to know what, if any regrets they have, what those regrets are and what they don't regret and why. As Lewch said, be honest!


EditorJDC said...

You are a great kiddo.

I've made a decision lately and it was partly because of my list. Have you noticed how people say you should embrace life by living it like you are dying tomorrow? Bhaaaaa, I say.

I've decided to live it like I've been told I get to live for another hundred years. Longevity drugs are coming along nicely and there is a bit of debate in those circles that follow this line.

Drugs that expand the human lifespan would give mankind a second chance. I'm not talking about the obvious, but a second chance to deal with your regrets. A do-over if you will. We don't have to feel bad for not finishing school because you can fix that now.

I've decided not to wait for those little pills and just live like I have the whole world of time before me.

The friends I regret losing will not shape how I make new friends. No worries about those in the past.

I've lived the guilt-ridden way for too long and now I feel like changing things up a bit.

This meme was about how the regrets shape the things you cherish.


Cup said...

Brilliant minds, yadda yadda yadda. I just came here to tell you that you’ve been TAGGED!

Now I need to go read your post ...

EditorJDC said...

I have no experience at all with your type of non-fiction KK. You'll have to give me a little curriculum


Cup said...

What a lovely post, Katie. I have so many questions for you. But first I must start writing my response to your meme demand.

Amy Guth said...

I've really been struggling with this meme. I suppose that is a good sign, that I can't come up with much that I regret, right? Or does that just make me morally bankrupt, mmm?

Joe said...

Excellent post, but it's going to take a little while for me. Regrets? Listen, sister, I got a bunch of em. I have to sit and think about it before my list of personal failings spills out all over my blog.

But I'll try. I'm pretty satisfied about a bunch of stuff too.

Anonymous said...

Done, sweetcheeksI’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention « virgotext

Tanya Espanya said...

I'm going to go read everyone's now. And I did mine.

Doc said...

I did it.

Eebie said...

Lovely post (I've been reading though not commenting lately). I like that you're not afraid to say you love someone.

I didn't know you lived overseas, where?

Mrs. G. said...

I hopped over here from Doc's.

I happen to know that burly guy in Lake Tahoe, and he regrets not going all the way with you EVEN MORE.

Bacon Lady said...

This is some heavy shit, baby. But for you...anything.

Anonymous said...

"...That my closest and bestest friends love me and let me love them back...."

THIS is the meaning of life!
Add to this a mastery of the very difficult ability to actually let your friends love you.......and then?
As Rudyard wouldn't say:
"And - which is more - you'll be a Cuntlovin' Cunt, my girlfriend!"

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Hey ho, I've done your evil bidding. Thanks for the tag.

orieyenta said...

Great answers Katie!

Smooches to you from the Orieyentas :)

Fran said...

What a post. Holy crap woman, you are too much.

And while I often cringe at being tagged, I actually found myself thinking "please let her tag me!" and you did.

I have other memes I have not completed but this one will get done.

You touch my heart in a special way sister and my blog-beshert friend, and I do love you so much!

Coaster Punchman said...

I like this meme, and liked your answers. I will think about mine and post soon!

WendyB said...

Unrelated to your post, but I linked to you from my blog, because I am obsessed with Coco and her fabulous body parts!

Anonymous said...

Done. Regretfully? You decide.

Love ya!

Writeprocrastinator said...

"I regret that a high percentage of my decisions are rooted in guilt."

Don't, that's how the bastards of the world get away with what they do. It's the same thing as when certain people wave the flag so that they can get away with murder, albeit on a smaller scale.

Remember that Super Dog doesn't want you to be sad, it distracts him from helping God.

Creepy said...

Don't encourage it!

Anonymous said...

"...I regret that a high percentage of my decisions are rooted in guilt...."

You want maybe I should subvert the time honoured traditions of Jewish Guilt for my own nefarious ends to gain carnal knowledge of your person?

I am that desperate, you know.

Distributorcap said...

you sure know how to make a jewboy in New York think!

if this jewgirl asks
it will be done

ps -- i have never been to Lake Tahoe, ok i have, but i am not burly

Dale said...

Great list there Katie, I gave it a go after a lot of thought and the list could probably have been 200 things I do and don't regret but I stuck to five.

Fran said...

Oy gevalt, that took long enough!!

EditorJDC said...

Sorry to pop this on you, but there is a second half to this meme. This time I want to know how you plan to fix the specific regret, or what led to this type of regret.


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