Friday, July 20, 2007

ooh-ooh schwartz on 6S

handicapping dating is now live on 6s. check it out, yo. not only that... mcevily posted 9, count them 9 6s's that are absolute must reads. run. read. now.

LOOK AT ALL THESE 6'S are you plotzing?!?!? I KNOW. ME TOO!

"Quin’s If Only She Knew, Jack Swenson’s Tornado, Jennifer Gravley’s Los Angeles, Neil Fox’s Hello Miss, Mr. Schiavo’s Friendship Brings Enjoyment, Joseph Varvara’s Graduation Photo, Madam Z’s Felling Time, Kristen Tsetsi’s Killing People is an Art, he said, and Daniel S. Irwin’s Night Passage. Enjoy!"


Al Sensu said...

U R so sick.
I luv ur 6 S.

Quin said...

you mention me? i can't talk. the buttercup, neither dairy nor dish...discuss.

jewgirl said...

al, you know how much I love when you call me sick.

jewgirl said...

quintessential, yes you can. I know you can. loved your 6s, girlie.

Bubs said...

Oh God...handicap dating. I'm dying here.

jewgirl said...

:) thanks bubbsalish. love the new image. you are so wrong.


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