Thursday, June 14, 2007

vagina, it's what's for dinner

a month or so ago, I posted about a friend of mine who noshed on some beav that reminded him of chef boyardee. remember? read it. buried in this chick's vadge, he felt as safe as he did when he was a kid. unfortunately, he told her. BIG MISTAKE. note: no woman wants to be told that her cunt smells like processed, canned food.

last night while pussy hunting, he caught a buxom blond and when he went down on her, he said she tasted like chopped meat and ketchup. another family favorite.

can you say pattern!

you can't bullshit an old bullshitter, capisce?! I kid you not, he put an add on craigslist in the casual encounters section, seeking a savory pussy. and, it worked! can you stand it? I am on the floor from him.


Anonymous said...

I'm dying. I can't catch my breath from laughing.

"Honey, if you had to say my vagina tasted like something in particular, what would you say it is?"

"Oh my gosh! What kind of question is that?" He said, rolling over in the bed to see which blog I was reading.


"I don't know. Unique. It's unique."

Is that good or bad?

Writeprocrastinator said...

Man, now this post title would make for a wonderful t-shirt!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

That is some funny shit ladies. And for the record, some of us prefer the fruit flavors. It is pie after all.

Unknown said...

Is Chef Boyardee coming out with Vagina-os soon?
That would be quite nasty to have a vagina smell like meat-filled pasta.
I have to side with something more fruity myself. Maybe vanilla.

Anonymous said...

I agree with WriterProcrastinator. The title is tshirt material.

Al Sensu said...

Mexican. Isn't that why they call it Pink Taco?

Al Sensu said...

And why don't they taste like fish anymore? Or is that just smell?

Al Sensu said...

Your friend has an acute case of Costanzatitis. Pussy is supposed to taste like pussy, not like food.

Mountjoy said...

Possibly the only time that it isn't the taste of the food, but the dish that it's served in that matters the most....

(do gay guys out there wish arse tasted more like apple pie, I wonder?)

Evil Spock said...

Evil Spock wishes everyday was casual sex Friday.

Being a veggie, Evil Spock would probably toss cookies if the gf's vadge tasted like that.

Julie said...

We usually have pizza on Fridays? Is this EVERY Friday? Cause I WAY ok with that.


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