Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I found this pic at empty bottle. check it out. I'm going to read his site and see if it's something we can roll and love hard. he curses. I didn't see cunt anywhere. but, I could've sworn I saw fuck. read me. we'll see.

no jury duty today. I have to call tomorrow @ 11:30. wp says I should Go the political-nihilist route and you'll get out. that's much easier than having to show my tits in this heat. geez fuckin louise, it is hotter than a hooker's pussy in shlock angeles. I am shvitsing like a whooo-a. I don't have central air, but I do have a, will put hair on your chest, it's so butch, air conditioning unit. at the minee, haglette the hellnine is positioned quite perfectly between said unit and the fan.

forgive the boring post. tonight I'll be funny. no. really, I will. tomorrow maybe?


Writeprocrastinator said...

"shlock angeles"

Brilliant, that...

and I'm stealing it.


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