Sunday, March 25, 2007

my new friend, sheel

my new friend sheel, e-stalked me and turned me onto some fabulous blogs and such. she's quite an irreverent bird. we need to hock her to write a fucking blog... she does guest blog on jesus general. she's going to be sending some groovy beaver satire links, too. can't wait!

remember my dove post? well, one news now posted their great disdain for dove's ad and how offensive it is. check it out courtesy of sheelicious.

sheel, check out politits. ya'll love ha. she's a jew broad who spins many a satirical yarn.

ps: she sent me this fab fucking link to modest swimwear for the zealot set.


Writeprocrastinator said...

That's right, so-called "family groups." Those strategically-naked middle-age women are going to look so "offensive" next to:

1) The Victoria's Secret ads.

2) The Hanes ads with the limber women showing you how comfortable the underwear is, by showing how lithe, and limber, and...ahem! Where was I?

3) Oh, yeah, not to mention the KY ads and I'm sure that there are some birth control ads to challenge their abstinence only world. BTW, why do they name all the new low-dosage birthcontrols after tea and obscure female names? I mean, if I were a teen male again, I don't think I'd buy a condom called "Orange Pekoe" or "Percy."

This is right up there with Bob Dole calling "Trainspotting" a pro-drug movie, without actually seeing one frame of it.

4) Oh, I forgot the perfume ads with the women that are just as strategically naked as the Dove ad women.

Anonymous said...

Oh, for cliff's sake. Those are some modest swim suits. Just don't go in the deep end. All that blasted material will get heavy and sink you!

I would appreciate the fact that those swimsuits might cover my fat ass and puffy belly, but, honestly, if that's the aim, I may as well just give it the fuck up and go with the gigantic oversized-beer logo t-shirt over a bikini.

Because that's such a good look on a woman of a certain age and bra size.

Your friend Sheel sounds a blast. I'll be watching for her at Jesus General. (The circle grows larger.)

Thanks for the plug. You flatter me!

Finally, the Reagan/Thatcher picture is a fucking scream. You rock - as always!

Mountjoy said...

I'm not sure, Ladies. That "modest swimwear" is a recipe for trouble if you ask me.

I'm having some sweet-16-virgin never-been-kissed pool party thoughts, where those swingin' hipsters are frollicking around in that god-loving fashion, when, whoops!, someone "falls in the pool" and the whoops!, another of the lords-lambs is in.

Pretty soon, the pool deck is covered in budding 16 year olds, with wet, clingy swim-dresses accenting every inch of their young, innocent flesh. All the while, "Uncle Larry" has been turning hot dogs on the webber, and by now there's a big top in his pants, and he's figuring he needs to go to mass a little early nex week, cos having thought's like that about your neighbour's kid just ain't right....

Tanya Espanya said...

Thanks for forcing me to go to these sites and making my eyes burn and the baby Jesus cry...

Lydia said...

At least the article thinks the women in the ad are sexy?

Dale said...

The testimonials on the swimsuit site, I'm crying at the first one. Read it. Oh gawd. For all things Sheel and Katie, give thanks to Jeebus.


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