Sunday, March 25, 2007

I am the father of anna nicole smith's daughter

Frederick Von Anhalt, Howard Stern and Larry Birkhead have all claimed to be the fathers of one severely rich infant. whatever. I've decided that I want in. so, I'm a chick... with a vagina... a few ovaries and a womb. who says I can't be the father?!

so she lubes her face a little. grease face could be all the rage in my clit-to-cock-make-me-rich fantasy. anything is possible! why the fuck hasn't anyone come forward claiming that the fruit of anna's loins is actually jfk's kid?! hello, frozen sperm... marlyn-monroe?!?! you feel me?


Diane Valencen said...

Feel you? Do I evah feel you! Why the heck didn't I think of that? Alas, my inferior vadge will not compete for the great DanniLynn Diaper Prize. I will settle for a Pulitzer someday.

Now on a serious (?) note did you know if your ass is infected and you were taking nine prescription medications you could just slip off into Death?

Joe said...

I'm sending a team of lawyers, DNA geeks and private investigators your way as I type this. I know a spunky gal like you, armed with a roaring libido and a turkey baster, could easily be the father.

And we all knew there was no way it belonged to that Frederick Von Asshat.


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