Tuesday, March 20, 2007

go, dove go!

empowering women or demoralizing them?

this ad was banned. R E A D

Beauty comes of age, Meet the new Dove girls -- six over-50 women wearing nothing but a smile by ANN MARIE MCQUEEN

I think it's empowering and sexy as hell. a few of you know what inspired this post...


Julie said...

That is a fantastic commercial!

Anonymous said...

That is really great. I wish I liked their products!

lulu said...

Shit, I wish I looked as good now as those women do.

Al Sensu said...

Sometimes doing something really good is also good for business. Case in point.

Romius T. said...

All I know is this commercial is screwing with women and western values. Some people are pretty. Some are not.

But somehow we have lost the ability to recognize objective truth. And the courage to speak it!

If the West is to survive we will do so through our rationality.

If we cannot call fat and ugly fat and ugly. If opposites are true we regress to the circular logic of the barbarians at the gate.

Anonymous said...

"Society's got to do some catching up, that's what these women are saying," says McDaniel. "Because these women are not going anywhere."


Nicky said...

Romius -- some people are ugly, it's true. Ugliness exists. But far less people are "ugly" than what current advertising and media would have us all believe. There's a much broader spectrum of beauty than what we are all being conditioned to believe.

It's been a foregone conclusion in advertising that the best way to get someone to use your product is to make them feel inadequate, less valuable, without it, so they'll buy it (you have wrinkles and are therefore ugly; this product gets rid of wrinkles; if you buy it you won't be ugly). Dove has had the courage to try a different tactic (still motivated by sales, of course, but they ARE run by a corporation) -- allow people to feel ok about themselves. Tell people that they don't need to change, and allow that reputation to sell their products.

I don't think it's "Western values" for women who don't fit a narrow stereotype to feel bad about themselves. I don't think there's anything "valuable" about an idea like that. If it's a "Western value," I think it's one worth screwing with.


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