Saturday, February 24, 2007

virginity soap

I got an email this week from the writer of sand gets in my eyes. she wrote an article about virginity soap. you have got to read this! the author is an american living in saudi arabia. read her yarns. she's an interesting dame.

virginity soap is no joke, yo. it's a thriving enterprise. in many cultures, the blessed v is the only value a woman brings to her marriage and to her man. what I don't understand is why these cultures don't just roll out with clit-ectomies and g-ectomies. if she enjoys it, she's got to be a ho, you know?!

it's all very sad and tragic really. vadgeys come in all different shapes and sizes, some are grand canyon sized, equipped for echoes and all, while others are as tight as coin slots.

it also made me wonder if virginity soap is no different from kegel exercises or ben wa balls. the packaging and language is different but isn't the message the same?

she actually received letters from women condemning her post and advocating virginity soap.


Anonymous said...

Interesting links

I long for the day when the pussy can stop being at the mercy of the powerful. Wouldn't it be nice if women across the world could say enough of treating our vaginas like they belong to the world?

Being lucky enough to live here where our pussies are free doesn't make it any less heinous that there are women and girls in this world who live with the torture of being female in their cultures.

Sand Gets in My Eyes said...

Thanks for the link!
I wondered too about the differences between Kegels and this soap, but decided they're vastly different things. For one, Kegels made sex better for the woman, while this soap makes it painful, dry and potentially dangerous.Anyway, it's a crazy topic - and world.

Mountjoy said...

I, too, dream of living in a world were vaginas are free to roam and explore their surroundings, without the guilt and shame that society brings to them.

But I think dudes making the V.Soap are onto something:

"The idea is that the soap’s astringents “constrict and tighten" , creating that coveted "look and feel" of virginity. One manufacturer boasts their product is...."Used and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of women in the Middle East and Asia, it has brought back youthful passions, rekindled sensual yearnings, and completely intensified sexual experience.”

"The look and feel" of a virgin vadge? Literally, that'd be akin to something with a flesh roller door out front, and too tight to drive your Lincoln Town Car into, right? Nothing quite like that first intense sexual experience, right ladies? Best fuck you've ever had, huh?

Mind you, it is only a short skip and jump from re-vadging virgins to all those silcone implants bobbing up and down inside womens chests all over the world. "Oh but I do that because it makes me feel good about myself..." Yeah, right. Never mind having a brain or a personality.

Anonymous said...

hi, i just bought the virginity soap and a cream thats supposed to help tighten too. i live in london not the middle east and it cost around £70 or $140. i have a new partner and hes a bit smaller than my last boyfriend so sometimes it feels like not much is happening. i have not tried it yet but i hope it works. i try and do kegels but i often forget and ithought this would be a good idea


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