Saturday, February 24, 2007

come hithah hottie chassid

today while driving along robertson, my sister and I saw the hottest hassid we'd ever seen in our lives. strapping. 30-something in a schneerson, black zoot suit coat, but religious proper, a tallis, peyos and true religion jeans, and I swear to god, our legs just gravitated open.

confession time: I date everything under the sun. but, I think hassidic men in groups are so sexy, I can't stand it. it's the only time the pull-a-train fantasy would surface.

this particular heeblette, well he just sent us both de-ranged. my vulva lips were twitching faster than a summer cricket, news?!?!


Al Sensu said...

Vell, let us psychoanalyze ziz for you.

Ther is something disturbing about this attraction that I can't put my finger on.

Ms Smack said...

katie, where the hell do you get these amazing original pictures from?

I've been on the net a long time and You my dear, have the most amazing collection/research of pics.

i heart you xx

Tanya Espanya said...

Both images, the one you posted, and the one you described, are disturbing to me, (not the business area description, that's fine).

I worked for a company that was run by some pretty Orthodox Jews (the premier Orthodox Jew family here in Tronna) and when they had prayers in the afternoons they didn't have enough in the office for a minyan, so guys from nearby offices would come to the party. All the dudes would come in with that same outfit style you described, which in of itself is fine, but it was always 300 year old geezers sporting it. I think up to 10 or 15 years older than me is my horn limit.

My favourite guy from that company was a two foot tall lovebug from Brooklyn; he had a tinier cuter wife, and five babies that I wanted to smother with hugs and kisses all the time.

n.v. said...

me'd love to get gang banged by a group of God's Chosen.

Al Sensu said...

Put me on your list, nv, I'll even wear the outfit if you want. But no way I'm growing peyot.

Dale said...

I'm getting together a prayer group for you baby.

Mountjoy said...

So if I drop over to 47th and set up a stall selling tickets to a Hasidic Bukkake Party, you'll star, and split the profits 60:40 with me, babe?

Anonymous said...

Oh, girlie. You know how I feel about the jewish guys. I haven't met one yet that I wouldn't, um, pray with.

But then, living where I do, I don't run across too many chances to, um, pray.

Maybe it's time to move back to the NW side of'd have loved the Yeshiva boys!

Coaster Punchman said...

I saw a one woman show done by a gal who used to turn tricks for extra cash. Several of her best repeat customers were Hasidim. I don't think I could past the curls, to be honest. I'd keep conjuring up Nellie Oleson which would either spoil the mood or improve it, haven't decided yet.

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