Monday, January 29, 2007

that katie sure is a sinner

for godsakes, I blog so much about the christian reich movement in this country and what do I have to show for it? not a god damned link from one christian blog calling me, offensive, a sinner, the devil's mistress, the devil's work, the anti-christ. bupkas. close your eyes. what do you see? precisely. NOTHING.

I am completely overlooked. I'm not asking for a world war here. BELIEVE ME. I'm just looking for some acknowledgment. I was in
hell house for fuck sake. shouldn't that immediately qualify me?!


Anonymous said...

OK, OK, you'll burn in the fires of hell damnation.

Evil Spock said...

katie, keep a seat warm for Evil Spock; Evil Spock will see you down there soon enough.

Johnny Yen said...

You're without a doubt my favorite blogging sinner!


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