Monday, January 01, 2007

schwartz eve

happy jew year.

passed out at 11:30. I'm a whore.

I dreamt that I was overflowing in cockroaches and leeches. freaked me out to no end. what does it all mean? who the fuck knows, but I woke up skeeved and couldn't hurl my fat ass in the shower fast enough.

last night, my neighbors, my age, had a keg party. an honest to goodness kegger. dude, the shame. we didn't stop kegging at 23-25? who taps anything other than ass at 34?!

jewcifer and I had a super morning walk/drive.

if I could eat hot, well managed fat all day, I would. but, I can't, so I won't. argh.


Anonymous said...

"well managed" fat? Do tell more!

Anonymous said...

You mean your people are allowed to celebrate New Year's Eve and you leeched out at 11:30? Tsk.

Writeprocrastinator said...

My neighbors right below do beer pong and they are more or less in the same age bracket.

I could go on about all the tenants that have lived in that unit, but I would get into libel territory.


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