Tuesday, January 23, 2007

moses or jesus

I'm in a conundrum. when it comes to schlepping and ahj, who wins? moses or jesus.

this is hilar squared, a jesus moses comparagraph about their leadership styles. isn't that just so very myers-briggs? but, in an ivy league, secret society, frat house, raper-ee way. I don't know. seems very anti-religion.


John said...

I know that others will disagree with me, but I think Moses could take Jesus in a fight. Jesus is young and has that 'son of God' thing, but Moses is older and has learned to fight dirty.He walked the desert for forty years without superpowers. He is one tough sonobitch.


Melinda June said...

Sure, Moses is a better fighter, but Jesus can rise from the dead AND heal himself. Talk about hard to kill.

John said...

You have me there,. I have to say that Moses does have a temper after all and we are talking Sam Jackson level anger. He lost his shit at the mere sight of a golden calf after all and broke God's words.

The man is fearless.

If Moses can aprt the red sea, it is possible that he could manipulate earth, fire, and air also. Parting the sand and dropping Jesus in a chasm several stories deep would negate most of his abilities. Fat lot of good unending loaves will do ya with thousands of tons of sand over his head.

Course, Soloman would kick both their butts. Don't even rile that man.


Michael said...
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