Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I know, I'm very into barbie and ken right now. it'll pass. like a yeast infection.


Al Sensu said...

OK, Ken's schlong is way out of proportion for his size. Scary. OK, I'm envious of a fucking doll.

Mountjoy said...

There was a bakery at the local shops (mall to y'all back in Jersey) where my wife grew up called Do'Muff (as in Donut - Muffin).

I endeared myself to my mother-in-law the first time I saw it by walking past, looking up at the name, and turning to Lady Mountjoy, who had her mother in tow, and saying "Do'Muff? That sounds like some sort of yeast infection..."

The M-I-L pissed herself laughing harder than my wife.

katie schwartz said...

al, ken was a big queen. barbie was his beard. I'm happy to email you the story if you wish.

actually, I wrote an essay about it. it's lame, but it was super fun to write.

katie schwartz said...

that is so funny, mj!!!

katie schwartz said...

your mother-in-law, very cool dame!


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