Sunday, October 01, 2006

Guess what season it is

this time of year, if I'm single, which I am, it always feels like cock hunting season. like god forbid I spend the holidays and valentine's day without a man. because it's the worst possible thing that could happen to a girl.

like I need to drag my fat ass out and strategically hunt for relationship dick NOW.

and, the fact that I haven't found commitment peeny makes me a fucking inadequate freak-tard, incapable of the shrewdness required to manifest a man.

well, FUCK THAT!

so, I'm a pain in my own ass. so, I like impossible men who couldn't possibly fulfill my needs. so, I have issues with emotional intimacy. compared to the men I am attracted to, I'm still a rook. so what gives?!

has it occurred to the self help set that I am choosing to be single for yet another holiday season until I can eradicate these issues? does it make me that much of a vile, disgusting, shameful whore bag?! since when does a meat free holiday season or two equate to relationship loser?!



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yournamehere said...

I would like to give you my meat for the Holiday Season. It's the gift that keeps giving the whole year 'round.

katie schwartz said...

mullet boy, you are the most selfless human being I've ever known. how generous are you?! boundless, I tell you!


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