Wednesday, October 25, 2006

10 government spy lists I am probably on

from the fabulous crionaberry

1: "thank god we can finally rid the internet of smut" list
2: "dirty jew" list
3: "fat jew" list
4: "fat" list
5: "her penis envy could lead to a sex change" list
6: "supports gay marriage. let's kill the bitch" list
7: "has compromised jesus" list
8: "hates bush" list
9: "stem cell junky" list
10: "feminist must be a man hating cunt" list


Al Sensu said...

You have a quandary - you are generally in favor of bush, but you hate Bush.

Katie Schwartz said...

I do. I was waxing myself into a frenzy because I hate bush so much. but, I'm feeling nostalgic, so I have a full guilt bush.


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