Saturday, September 30, 2006

sweeping and mopping

I have to mop. for whatever reason, mopping and sweeping make me feel, fat, dirty, cheap and poor. I can do laundry. I can even vacuum. barely. but, I can do it.

my kitchen floor needs to be swept and mopped. I'd rather have a rectal.

I'm in a very assy mood. have you noticed? I'm all about the ass right now.

the fact that I have to get my broom and my mop out makes me want to vomit. I have the strongest aversion to it. maybe I tripped over a mop in a past life or I was married to a sweeper who beat me.

like I have time to ponder past life mistakes?! I got enough of that to deal with in this life.


Al Sensu said...

let's put a condom on the broom handle and have some fun!

katie schwartz said...

you're always usin' the ol' noodle, ainchya, sensu!

Anonymous said...

Hi all!


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