Friday, September 29, 2006

latest fears

each week, into my brain pops new or existing fears to add to or expound on my rolodex of agida.

you think it's easy being a neurotic chubby jew broad? it ain't. it's a lot of time, work and preperation.

my fears this week...

1: I never want to be a sloppy menstruator. the kind of dame who let's ruby flow wherever she damn well pleases.

2: fingernail cancer.

3: running out of menstrual pain medication.

4: being fat with se's for the rest of my fuckin' life.

5: upcoming blood test results.

6: louie's ginormous lump on his shoulder and ankle -oy- this is the mamabootzah of ahj.

7: being stuck. you know what I mean.

8: becoming incontinent

9: my uterus dropping and crashing my vaginal canal right along with it. and, a total inability to then see my womb as the fabulous accessory it can be!

10: that the creative juices are being sucked out of my brain and heart forever!

the only upside to insomnia is blogging. october is breast cancer awareness month. show your boobies for a cure!


Al Sensu said...

response to #10: clearly not the case.

I ain't going near #s 1-9, but send best wishes.

John Donald Carlucci said...

"fingernail cancer"
Is this real cuz you just messed up my whole day now.

"8: becoming incontinent"
I'm so there with you on this one.

Did you check the link I sent you? Pet lovers will be amazed.


Dale said...

With enough schleperation, you'll have fears for years dear Katie.

katie schwartz said...

my little sensu!!! oh, how I do adore you dahlink.

lewchers: I love that you share my phobia of death and fear of incontinence. it warms my heart.

not yet, but checking the link tonight. can't wait :)

POTD, I'm rolling from you!!! schleperation. omg. I think my vulva lips just twitched. did you hear?

Dale said...

I thought I smelled something burning too!


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