Thursday, September 14, 2006

is this a sign?

I just got a comment from mesothelioma and I am FREAKING OUT that it's a sign that I have asbestos cancer and I'm going to die, which I am REALLY not in the mood for.

I have a doctor's appointment monday morning. full blood work up. fuckin bitch, man. is this a sign?

do I have one foot on the peel?!

I just emailed my sister. she'll know. she's the wolf. if her neck burns, I'm fucked.

what part of hypochondriac did you miss while cruising my blog, meso?! oy fuckin' vey.


AL said...

i always thought catching the clap should be your biggest fear...

n.v. said...

Katie, you don't have cancer. Do you know what the odds are? Me neither. But you still don't have cancer.

If you come to Canada, I will let you stay with me and I'll take care of you. Homemade soup, DVD's, fuzzy blankets.

katie schwartz said...

al sensu, cancer so trumps clap.

vocab, you're a honey....

Al Sensu said...

No, that was "just AL" not me. I know it's confusing. I'd say fuck him for using the same first name but 1/I think he was first and 2/he reads me and comments so I like him.

I think n.v. needs get more specific. What kind of soup? Does he know that Jews only heal with Matzo Ball, Kreplach or Hot & Sour? Oh yeah, Mushroom Barley works for some.

Mars said...

Al Sensu: what makes you think n.v. wants katie to get better? he's a creep and just wants katie to be sick at his place forever.

katie schwartz said...

sweet marsipan,

you are mistaken, n.v., vocabulum is my buddy! I adore her!!! she only wants good and wonderful things for katiekins. do not fret. she is a doll :)

sensu... ahahahahahhahahaha

Mars said...

are you sure katie? wasn't n.v. one of the ones that identifies more with annie wilkes in Misery?

katie schwartz said...

sweet marsipan, I am 1000% certain! nv is a fabulous and flawless dame, I assure you, buttons.

thanks, toots!

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