Tuesday, September 12, 2006

here a cunt. there a cunt. everywhere a cunt, cunt

my goodness, lindsey lohan's cunt has been busy. she's getting such a workout, this cunt.

I wonder where her mother's cunt is? Oh, I do so hope they make a guest appearance together. wouldn't that be wonderful?! two lohan cunts at once. something the world just doesn't see enough of.


yournamehere said...

Someone needs to buy Blowhan a sandwich and wrap some fucking panties around it, for fuck's sake.

Her cunt looks like the knothole of a majestic oak tree. I'll bet Ernie Keebler is in there baking a batch of Fudge Stripes.

katie schwartz said...

oh my god, that is hilar squared.


keebler and sun maid raisins. you couldn't find a more wrinkled archetype!

John Donald Carlucci said...

I have to say that I don't hate Lohan. I feel very sorry for the girl. Her family is a car crash, she has no structure, no role model, she is wealthy, and she is surrounded by people telling her she can do no wrong. Jeez, did I just discribe George Lucas?

She is pitied because I don't think she can pull out of this tailspin. There doesn't seem to be anyone who will take her under their wing. She needs a help.

Now, the crotchrot known as Paris Hilton can burn for all I care. What a useless piece of twatfloss. She has the money to make a difference. She has the connections to make a difference. She has the sould to be a cum dumpster. Blah, she is a scab on the knee of life.
I don't think I've ever used the words cum, scab, crotchrot, and tailspin all in one post before.

Oh yeah, I don't think firecrotch is a bad thing (the redhead, not like Gonorrhea or anything).


n.v. said...

Looks like a befreckled ATM slot.

katie schwartz said...


I am honored that you used cum, scab, crotchrot and tailspin in the same post. I feel really lucky right now.

the parasite comments, twatfloss?! oh so FUNNY!!!!


Al Sensu said...

I'll take your bushy bush (sight unseen, I swear!) instead of that loprune. But her mom is hot!

Seriously, it's a shame that celebs have to give up just about all privacy, but they should understand that's the way the game is played now 4 better or worse. A lesson Gary Hart could have used 20 years ago.

Writeprocrastinator said...

The youngest sis-in-law were talking about her during my last trip Back East.

It came up because we talking about how we both put our party days way behind us. Then the conversation drifted to Lindsay because the s-i-l is a friend of a friend of Lindsay's relatives, and the s-i-l thinks that Lindsay's overdoing it.

I agreed, but I believe that it wasn't her, so much as her age. She's twenty and has entirely too much money to spend, without any supervision. The s-i-l and I would run out of money and had parents that halfway cared.

As far as the crotch shots? I saw the second on Perez's website after he was tooting it up on Adam Carolla's show. Then it turns out there's another?

I think someone is Photoshopping her up.

katie schwartz said...


oh, I hope she's not being photoshopped. it's far more interesting and dishier to think of her as flange shouting across the globe.

al, love, love, love loprune. hahahahahhaha


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