Tuesday, August 29, 2006

amy guth's book... spill!

so, have you bought amy's book, three fallen women, yet? what are you waiting for? a personal invitation? consider this, that!

amy guth is fabulous. funny. and one hell of a writer. she's also got a mascot for her book tour. it's hilar squared and most befitting.

with august coming to a close, the countdown to the september 10th interview has begun:::

amy guth, the wise crackin' feminist behind three fallen women


PenetratingYou said...

It sounds like a take off of an Andy Warhol film I once saw, called...it will come to me. Women In Revolt. It wasn't a very good film, but if you're into feminism you should watch it. Thanks for the recommendation.

- Ethan

AmHistorian said...

Trust me, this book is far beyond that Warhol film. Not nearly as simplisitic and obvious, Three Fallen Women is profoundly complex, hauntingly beautiful and thought-provoking. Guth's prose reads like the best Ginsberg poem, only in narrative form. Buy this book now, trust me, it will rock your world.


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