Sunday, July 09, 2006

top 10 reasons NOT to get involved with a married guy

1. it's cliche and I HATE cliches

2. who wants to live on low self-esteem way intersecting I hate myself lane?!

3. I'm so not an amber frey bridesmaid to be.

4. what if he's idiot boy who whacks his wife because he's too much of a puss to ask for a divorce?! like I really need that drama in my life.
5. fucking married men is so twenty-something.

6. being on the recieving end of, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, is refreshing and delightful.

7. are dirty little secrets making a comeback?

8. listening to a man whine about his ball and chain is hot because?!

9. ga head. be with a married man. you want to be the bitch he's cheating on in a few months from now? knock yaself out.

10. married men are vortexes of need.


Write Procrastinator said...

All hilarious except for...

"10. married men are vortexes of need."

We *all* are, that's human nature.

BTW, Amber says Becky wants to be first bridesmaid and she hopes you won't hold it against her.


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