Sunday, July 09, 2006

blogroll me...

wanna blog roll me using nicole's super fly icons? the i heart katie icon... here's the code to do it. if you're lucky and really nice, maybe nicoleo will make one for you too!!

Blogroll Me! Just cut and paste the code below and this groovy button will appear on your site:

<a href=""><img src="" border="1"</a>


billys1 said...

I do have a blog "Mi Vida My Love" at and I would like to use the icons you offer, and other icons offered throughout the net. No I am not a dummy, but, I feel very very intelligence challenged (i.e. an unintelligent person) when it comes to using what you and others have to offer the rest of us. In short---I can't figure out how to simply "cut and paste " these great icons you guys offer to us, from your site to mine. Can you be of help to a beginner here. My web address is Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work on your blog. It is really good. I know I don't have to say keep up your work on the boobiethon. Since I became engaged I have become much more aware of sensitive to this problem. I'm sure that you are aware that this is not simply a woman's disease, over 1 % per year of the deaths from breast cancer are men. So we are both in this fight together. A real fight to the death, and we all want the one that dies to be breast cancer, not another one of our loved ones. I lost both of my parents to cancer. I don't want to lose anyone else. Especially my fiancee !

Dang, once I start, I don't quit do I ?

Thanks for any help you can give me. I look forward to hearing from you.


Anonymous said...

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