Sunday, July 09, 2006

insomnia, pulled muscles and more...

insomnia... what a mother bitch. pulled a muscle in my shoulder blade precipitated by titskea from hell, weight.

I'm so irritated and in pain.

gee, I wonder if I'll wake up with a yeast infection. a girl can dream.

nicoleo sent me an article in the daily koss about the ever growing homeless middle class. you have to read it. it's terrifying and very important.

George W. Knox, director of the National Gang Crime Research Center, said, In order to understand any subculture, be it al-Qaida, witches, devil worshippers or gangs, you have to be able to know their own language.

I'm trying to wrap my head around al-qaida, witches and devil worshippers being in the same league. but, I'm having a real hard time with it. how are witches a threat to national security again? I don't recall reading about any devil worshippers keen on suicide bombings. you?


virgotex said...

Girly,I don't wanna be responsible for keeping you up at night or anything but here's another great post re homeless middle class, going broke,etc from the incomparable flea at: One Good Thing.

And let me just add that just this last two weeks, I've had a sort of crucible wake-up experience wherein I realized I am going to have to make some huge changes - because my "short every other month or so" has become "broke every single month" and I can't keep being in denial about it. Sort of like regaining consciousness just as the car plunges over the cliff, you know?


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