Saturday, October 25, 2008

PoliToons and Such

My good friend, Lewchieloo of Democracy Hypocrisy made this fabulous Palinazi politoon for The Vey. Thank you, dollface. Loooove it.

New vegan discovery of the week that even meataterians and vegetarians would dig, roasted tomato and red pepper soup. Ta-fuckin-die-for delish and thick. If you have a sensitivo stomach and get acid reflux easily, you'll need a ruhlaahds (rolaids) back. I'm just sayin'.

I was just thinking.... Diva Jood, Helen Wheels and Hilly live in my neck of the woodsish and I think we should start a monthly or six-weekerly coffee sesh.

@AlizaSherman from Twitter, a fabgal, posted a tweet this week about the Women Respond to Palin website. Check it out, yo. They're having a live webathon on October 30th. Women will be performing their letters to Palinoscopy. Some of us should get involved. You disagree? Pcunt hardly represents the best of the vadge community. Unless, of course, you're a woman who hates women, then I suppose Palin would be your archetype. Excuse me while I vomit.

Courtesy of @Mickeleh on Twitter, I was updated about all of this dish: As the global market spirals into what feels like an inevitable depression with no hope of a Prozac comeback, I was outraged to learn that the repubes spent over 150K on clothing this bitch, and close to 30K on her make-up. Shouldn't America's #1 hockey mom be draped in Wal-Mart specials? Jaclyn Smith is as designeree as she should get. Palinunt even responded to the media elite, justifying her actions by accusing them of sexism. Wouldjya look who's calling the kettle beige?! She's the most sexist, misogynistic cunt in America today, topping only Anne Cunter. I was thrilled to read in the Washington Post that the majority of Americans how see Palin in a negative light. And even more delighted to read about an Internal Palin Insurgency McCain is dealing with. They're imploding, I love it.

Who didn't love this SNL video?

I thought it was brilliant!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a shit load of blog reading to catch up on and comments to respond to. Vat else is Schwartzy doing today? Erranding, painting my kitchen, maybe. Or a new knitting project. What do we think?

"Hey, Katie, nobody gives a shit." I know. Gaaaaahd. I'm converbating. Ha. Ah, I'm so shortbus sometimes.

Do not forget to vote for the final three in October. The winner will be announced on Monday! And you'll also have an opportunity to vote for three of September's essays, too. Yay.


Distributorcap said...

i know exactrly where to go when i need a laugh

ann cunter

Randal Graves said...

Y cunt Sarah read?

I'm trying to think of other lines, but no matter how hard I try, I just cunt do it.

Anonymous said...

When I told The Dancer that the gal who did the makeup for So You Think You Can Dance is now the highest paid campaign worker for McCain/Palin doing Palin's makeup, she responded with her regular classic dry wit.

"She may be award-winning good, but she'll have to perform miracles to spackle over the hate in Palin's face."

Cup said...

I want to know more about the knitting.

Unknown said...

Dahhhling we simply must do a coffee meet-up! I would adore that!

What a great post, nice rundown. Why didn't I ever think of "Ann Cunter"? Brilliant. Love the pic, too.

Yeah DCup you sure can't spackle out hate... LOL!!!

Fran said...

Oh that graphic... Lewchie rocks da house.

Ann Cunter- hilar squared and then some.

Having had a coffee meetup with you, I can give that my full endorsement.

BTW- soup recipe please?

jin said...


I've been calling mine jinwaffle. I like yours so much better!!!


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