Saturday, September 13, 2008

Too Many Questions, I Know

Is it ironic that the picture of modern feminism from 1900-1940 has a homemakeree background, or is it just me? Thoughts?

Did you know that if you accidentally plug in blogPsot, you land on a bible page? Try it, any blogspot blog and misspell spot.

All readers from Texas, I'm thinking abouchyas. Hang in, tootsies. Be safe and be careful.

Some keywords I came up on this week are so fucking funny. kind of vagina: How does one have a kind of vagina? By missing a lip? Specifically what constitutes a kind of V? Aren't you curious? I am. And why my blog comes up on this searchy search. lisa whelchel nude: Is this a peen rising image for men and a vulva lip twitching event for women? Spill. love making words: Yeah, okay. I'm that dame you never want to say "I want to make love to you" to. Just an FYI. Not that their lining up to shtup Schwartz at the minee. Let's talk about love making words, what are they? They aren't "Fuck me" "Bend me", "Give it to me hard", right? back to school prayers for teachers: I'm happy to write a few non-religious prayers for teachers. Anyone want to take a crack at it? I wonder how Oy Vey came up on this. Hmm... I should flip through my Jewchives and find out.

I want to thank everyone for participating in, and commenting and voting on the McCunt essay contest. You all rock! I'm so lucky to know such fabulous and brilliant bloggers. I wish I could send you all thank you cupcakes.

Voting ends on PulpFriction's brilliant PSA, I am John McCunt and I approve this message on Monday morning, when I will be posting Lewch's irreverent and hilarious essay.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, and Sarah Palin is the face of the "new feminist".

What's that old saying, "You can put lipstick on a pig?"

No, no, no . . . It's "Don't try to teach a pig to sing, it will only get you frustrated and annoy the pig."

Oye, sorry. I forgot. This is a kosher blog.


Anonymous said...


I found your site after I thought I coined the moniker "Palinstine", but no after googling it I found your blog. Awesome, you crack me up. I will add a link to you on my site, please do the same

Joe B.

Fran said...

To think I am the link between you and TELP... it shakes me to my core!

If you put lipstick on a TELP she just grows ever more beautiful, IMO anyway.

And the same thing if you put lipstick on a Jew like you.

However, lipstick on that Palin refers us back to the original saying...

Katie Schwartz said...

TELPee, the fact that anyone can even reference feminisim in a positive light and associate it with Palinunt, makes me sick. Seriously. It's so disturbing.

Love what you said, bubbie re: lipstick on a pig. Ha.

Katie Schwartz said...

hi there Joe;

Thanks for stopping by. I wonder if we coined it at the same time, could that be possible?

I most definitely will, doll.

Thanks for the linkage.

Katie Schwartz said...

FranIAm, you are the best! You are the link and the glue, my dear.


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