Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shame Dripped in Shame

While driving through BH yesterday, my sister and I passed a movie theatre known for great indie flicks. Oh. But, not on this day, children. On this day, they were playing Beverly Hills Chihuahua. The line of two-legged and Chihuahua patrons wrapped around the corner. I have never seen dogs so gussied up for an event in my life. It was so red carpet, I almost felt bad for the dogs having to meander on cement. Some were in ball gowns, others wore skirts and midriffs. A few had themed ensembles, military and Barbie. My fave were the Juicy dogs. The shame of it. The majority of the mini-hellnines were on leashes, while others were in strollers. Strollers?

I shouldn't judge, I know. Beverly Hills was a caricature of itself today, though, it was all just too much and too funny.

Another very LAzee mo was when my sister was telling me about a conversation she had the other day with an acquaintance. The acquaintance mentioned that her mother's friend married an insanely wealthy man and whipped out her iphone to share a photo montage of their too-much-time-and-too-much-money wedding. The first thing my sister asked in the quippiest of tones was, "Which came first, the face lift or the ring?" "The face lift", said the acquaintance in a serious-duh-Ker-are-you-stupid way.

Oy to the vey. That's all I'm sayin'.


DivaJood said...

Values? We don need no stinkin values!

I spent three weeks in Chicago with my 3 year old grand daughter and daughter and friends - nobody has a face lift.

I come back to Los Angeles, and I am the only person I know among my acquaintances who does NOT have a face lift.


Unknown said...

Holy crap! I didn't know you live in L.A.! So do I! You me & Diva need to get together!!

Katie Schwartz said...

YOU ARE SO RIGHT, HelenWheels. Where in LA are you? I'm in the Miracle Mile. Spill. I want all the dish now! The goils must get together.

Unknown said...

Diva, I would KILL to see people over 40 w/out a facelift. Sigh. I miss CHicago.

Katie, I live in the illustrious Los Feliz area! So, not all that far from you! That's the spill, doll. We simply MUST do a power lunch, girls!

Katie Schwartz said...

35. No facelift. Don't plan on having one evah. I am so sick and tired of these lifts and Botox. OMG, stop for five minutes.

We are so power lunching, diva. I love your hood and have thought about moving to LF.

I am from NY, though I did live in Chicago for 3 years. Such a great city.

Anonymous said...

Shit... you have all the fun in LA. Here in NY we get designer dogs like cocker poos, a cross between purebred cocker spaniels and poodles, otherwise known as mutts.

Unknown said...

I just saw the commercial for this thing.

Christ, the world makes me tired some times.



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