Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ooh, I Like This

I found some interesting tidbits online today I like what I've read so far. @NPRPolitics on Twitter posted this tidbit: Sarah Palin: New Face of Feminism. Check it out.

I'm crushing hard on From the Left at the minee. It might very well be that he is more irreverent than I am. Who knew?!

More keywords found yesterday that I simply had to post:

Avril Looks Like Chris Crocker - Hmm... Perhaps they do have an uncanny resemblance. I haven't given it much thought.

Craigslist Adult Diapers - Again w/the porn, oy.

Cuntessa - Why yes, I am honored, thanks.

Who is Mickey Avalon's Wife - I don't know, but I looooove the song Jane Fonda


enigma4ever said...

love your blog...will have to add to the Watergate Summer....( is palin a feminist- saw that NPR piece- ah nope..not so much ;-)

keep blogging it...

Katie Schwartz said...

Oh, I was on your site today and loved it! I am adding you to my blogroll riiiiiiiiiiiiight now!

Of course Palin isn't a feminist. You must (when you get the time) check out that NPR dish I posted. She is the anti-feminist.

I agree with you, WE need to keep blogging about this.

Thanks for stopping by, doll.

Anonymous said...

i check in on katie in a dejected state of mind. mcinsane gets a huge convention bounce. stupid americans blindly follow the republicans' message that the media is bad and palin is a mainstream working parent just like you. (she's a celebrity! yay!).

i read other blogs and see lots of enthusiasm for the ticket of a senile reactionary and a extremist party hack whose church backs jews for jesus.

americans can be really stupid. i fear for us.

Travelingman Rick said...

Hey there Katie, I LOVE From the Left, Christopher is awesome. I feel like I am getting a whole blogger family out of this experience and it makes me very happy. We have to keep up the good work. You need to go back and read some of his archives...they are priceless.

It was From the Left that inspired me to start my own silly little blog, and who knew that it would be so much fun!

PS: Engima, I have been haunting your site lately and I am loving it. Keep it up!

Katie Schwartz said...

The money shot courtesy of Bookfraud. Brilliant and sad. I fear for this country, too.

Katie Schwartz said...

Hey there TravelingManRick, Christopher's blog is brilliant, agreed. I will check out his archives, to be sure.

I did not know he started you on blogging. I'm so glad you did. Child, your blog is not silly. We LOVE IT and your voice.


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