Saturday, September 20, 2008

Flawless PoliQs if I do Say so myself

I am in PoliQ bliss right now and in awe of FreidaBee and Randal. They have truly outdone themselves. Wait until you read what these two have cooked up. They are so in the loop politically and so damn smart and savvy.

FreidaBee's PoliQ. First of all, FreidaBee is one of my favey dames. I adore this woman. She's not typical, and not someone you can compartmentalize or categorize. She is her own woman through and through. Her brutal honesty is as alarming as it is exquisite.

FreidaB wrote from a very personal perspective about the environment, health care, economic equality, ending the war, eliminating the death penalty and preserving a woman's right to choice. Excellent points all around, especially these quotables, "End the War- Yesterday. Try Bush, et. al for crimes against humanity, please. I think killing is wrong. (Plus, quick look over at the counter over there in the sidebar. We've paid and gone into debt $555 trillion to do this murdering.)" And "It seems like he thinks that we (women) are so stupid that we won't know the difference between Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. It is the sexist version of the provebial racist view that all people of color look alike." You have got to run and read this post now!

L'ennui Melodieux's PoliQ, I think I could start blogdating Randal, he's quite possibly more irreverent than I am and so inappropriately funny. When I say you have to read him, I mean you don't have a choice, but to read him. Why? He's insanely brilliant, or insane and brilliant. Regardless, he's fabulous.

This is my favorite quotable, "Everything is about control. Resource control, economic control, social control, body control -- and not in that Mary Lou Retton/Mikhail Baryshnikov kind of way -- all while being fed shiny bullshit in order to numb the cerebral cortex so even more control can be exerted, the whole sordid program done with a smiling face thereby preventing the need for jackbooted thugs better seen in black and white movies, video games and World War Two reenactments in various Idaho towns."

Oh, wait, found another, "Don't get me started on the fucking censorship shit. I don't have to read your Bible, you don't have to read my 69 Ways to Find Cheap, Quality Porn Online." Click away and read.


Anonymous said...

Ain't they grand?

Freida Bee said...

Aw shucks, ya'll.


BTW- I'm already blogdating Randal, but maybe this is a perfect opportunity to try some threeway blogdating. ;)

Freida Bee said...

Not flawless. Make that $555 billion. "And you want to be my child's math teacher? -Ha!

Fran said...

Brilliant- fucking awesomely brilliant - the two of them.

And both Freida and Randal are almost impossible to define, not that I would want them.

They both give irreverent, honest and amazing new definitions.

Loving on them hard.

Randal Graves said...

All these compliments make me so verklempt! (did I spell that right? Us Scot types are too busy trying on kilts to learn how to spell. Is that even the right word?)

Bring on the bloggy threeway! What a lucky bastard I be! Wait, Pirate Day is over. ;-)

Katie Schwartz said...

They are, DivaD!

Katie Schwartz said...

Ooh, FreidaBee, you are onto something. We should three-way. Good call.

Katie Schwartz said...

Yes, you are flawless.

Hey, I can kick in $25 towards the $555 Billion. Will that help?

Katie Schwartz said...

Me too, Frannygirl. Me too!

Katie Schwartz said...

Randal, some spellings of "veklempt" are with an "r". You're golden, baby.

You are pretty damn unique.

We are threewaying. I'm adding you now.

Billie Greenwood said...

While my own relationship to Randal is strictly professional, I believe Gillian Anderson is also blogdating him. But I'm sure you can all work out an amicable compromise.

Katie Schwartz said...

Border Explorer, I just crushed hard on you! Oh, how I adore your sense of humor.

Billie Greenwood said...

Ooooo, right back atcha!


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