Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dish and That

Free Republic... my ass. Check out that link, seriously. Lipstick republican women for Palin. What these women are talking about is so disturbing, "My husband thinks she's hot." "She doesn't have cankles". "Love her!" "I just ordered dozens of lipstick republican t-shirts for my daughters." "I love her hair". "Those glasses are soooo cute."

Not one woman addressed her politics, not one. Insult to injury, they regard her as the new feminist. I'm deeply offended that a woman advocates throwing us back 50-years, is against equal pay, opposed to a woman's right to choice and supports book banning. If you can stomach it, check out the link. If, if, if you can stomach it because you will be super neesh after reading it.

In case you missed it on some other blogs, you must read this article found on Acts of Hope regarding White Privilege. Rolling Stone wrote a scanadlicious article about the Stolen Election of 2004. Courtesy of From The Left, McCainpedia lie counter. Fanfuckintastic I tell ya. Kick ass Facebook group for those of you who are facebooking: STOP McCain-Palin (One Million Strong AGAINST McCain-Palin).

For the non-political dish of the day, yesterday morning I got an email request asking what color my bra and panties were. I responded by telling him I was quite certain he e-stalked the wrong Katie. His response, "lol im sorry! however it would still be nice to know......" Would it kill you to capitalize LOL? What about adding an apostrophe after "I" and before "M"? How about capitalizing any letter? Throw me a bone. Oy.

Only four more days to vote for JDC's essay. In case you're wondering, it's a damn close race for pastry chef and goddess, Jintrinsique's Bojamacakes! Cast your vote in comments asssssssssssssapy. Also, I have two more spaces open for October, so if you want to submit a cartoon, audio, video, poem or essay, send it over straightaway.


Unknown said...

I'm wondering what color Palin wears. They're probably made out of wolf fur. Rowr!


Anonymous said...

Seriously Katie...were you expecting those women to talk about issues. They're only interested in driving "sticks"... as in lip... dip...shift...

Anonymous said...

Loved watching them cry sexism when they thought it was going to be politically expedient.

I hope you wrote the guy back and told him that you never wear a bra or panties ;-)

Katie Schwartz said...

That she hunted and skinned herself, JDC. Vile cow that she is.

Katie Schwartz said...

I know, Spartacus, I know. However, I was hoping, lame ass as this sounds, for something resembling a political position. I was appalled about not seeing anything about liking her for her views. What does that say about the women who support her? How dare they? Women are smart. I wanted to scream, "WOMAN UP, BITCHES!"

Katie Schwartz said...

Fuckin A, DivaD. My girl.

Ha, I should've said that. You always know the right thing to say. That would've been flawless.


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