Sunday, August 24, 2008

And Your Keywords Are?

I randomly check the top keywords (who doesn't, right?) I come up on every month and sometimes post them.

I give you the top keywords Katie Schwartz's blog is coming up on for Jewlie and Auggie:

Coco Fishnet: I admit it, I went through a big Coco writing phase, so much so that at one point BestStuff created a landing page with my name and Coco's image. Fab.

Domestic Discipline: Is that really something this feminist would cover?

Pussy Eating Contest: In my defense, that was a Blair Warner post from two years ago. Remember my Blair's Journal phase? Oy vey.

Doreen Orion Queen of the Road July: Such an honah.

Vintage Pussy: Is that like geriatric porn?

Coco's Fishnet Dress: I digress

Danny Bonaduce Dick: I had to dish that, but only once, and it was because he showed his mini-orange-peen, which was, hi, super creepy. Plus, it killed my love affair with mac & cheese". A win-win for sure.

Is John Mayer Jewish?: I don't remember asking that question or posting about his Jeweyness or non-Jeweyness, do you?

Titpedia: I did link to bustypedia. Loved them. They went bye-bye.

All the Way from Oy to Vey: Yay!

Christian Domestic Discipline: I wrote about it once, gaaaahd.

Katie Schwartz: Most excellent.

Cunt: FAB.


Joe said...

So, was finding the c-word as a keyword like winning a gold medal? I picture you squealing with delight when you saw it.

One of my recent ones was "these strange German ways". I felt honored.

Fran said...

I wonder if John McCain's been here... just sayin', that would be cuntastic!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you did those Christian discipline people a huge favor by linking to them a while back.

I still can't get MathMan to quote bible verses when he spanks my bare ass. (sigh)

Travelingman Rick said...

Hey mutha found my damn blog and read about the c word...I heard all about it today. Now I am found least she didnt bring it up! I have to admit even as a 40 yr old gay man I am still afraid of my sweet mom. Trust me she could hurt me.

Katie Schwartz said...

Bubbsiekins, I medaled in "cunt", yes and I felt sooo Total-cereal-box-ready-meets-original-Rocky. Truly a moment to behold.

You are hilar squared.

of course you felt honored when SRC came up on: "These strange German ways"

we miss you bubbsie :)

Katie Schwartz said...

Wouldn't it just, frannygirl?!

Katie Schwartz said...

"I still can't get MathMan to quote bible verses when he spanks my bare ass. (sigh)" HA. BRILLIANT.

Katie Schwartz said...

TravelingMan, I'm glad she didn't say anything, though, do you really think it would've bothered her?

Your'e so cute... Still scared of your mother. Me too.... I really am.

Doreen Orion said...

Oy, talk about mothers! When mine finds out I'm up there with "Danny Bonaduce Dick" and "Pussy Eating Contest," well, she's gonna kvell her kishkas out.

Katie Schwartz said...

Ooh, Doreen, you are such a fab Jewess.


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