Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mac or PC

  1. To every blogger who commented on my Farmhouse Interview, A MILLION THANK YOU'S for your generous, supportive, wonderful comments. You are such angels. How did I get so damn lucky, huh?! Someone is lookin' out for Jewgirl and I am one grateful heeblette. Grazie.
  2. I am not breaking up with PC. Let me just put that out there. I am a PC / ThinkPad whore. I also needed a new lappytoppy. I bought a Mac laptop. Question, what the fuck?! I can't figure out how to use it. I'm trying. Mac users, Q4U, have you tried using it with with Windows Professional XP? Should I buy that? I hear that software turns your Mac into a PC. Thoughts? Spill.
  3. Who has a Mac trick or three hundred up their sleeves they'd like to impart? Spill.
  4. How was everyone's weekend?
  5. I'm now going to make myself horizontalish and play with my mactop.
  6. I heart You.
  7. I'm back into bullet points. Oy, I know.


Eebie said...

I know that you can set it up to run WinXP on the Mac but why not spend $800 less and get a PC.

Most engineers prefer PC and at the same time there are a few loyalists to the mac world. I will also say that engineers are the only ones I know who have left Mac for PC. A lot of eng. software is really better on PC. For me the downfall of the Mac was no right click. Silly, eh?

It's a different world in Mac and as such it is only reasonable that it would take some gettin' used to.

If you need a break then just set it down and have some lard, it makes people happy!

Joe said...

That's me and my mom and dad in that photo. Where'd you find that?

Fran said...

Yo, I be 'mac-in' sistah.

I hear what Eebie says, but once you go mac, you never go back.

Or at least I have not.

As for help... It is a process. Get your tuchas to the Genius Bar for some training.

I am one who learns by trying, frustrating but effective learning.

If I can help you give me a big shoutout.

FWIW, that software was not available when I had my "computer reassignment surgery", so I do not advocate it.

I just got myself Office for Mac and have been happily working away since 2003.

Anonymous said...

1. you're welcome, katie.

2. as long as you admit you're a pc whore, we forgive you. but as a devoted mac user, i question your sanity.

3. all my mac tricks have to do with downloading naughty pictures.

4. my weekend was great. just ask my son, with whom i spent the entire 48 hours attending to.

5. don't try the horizontalish thing at home unless you're under the supervision of an adult.

6. i heart you back.

7. bullets are better than bullshit.

ok, is the lard information council real? spill.

Dale said...

Macs seem so much sexier, they tempt me. As for you playing with your MacTop, does that mean...never mind.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Um, I'd like a Mac, too. At any rate, don't get comfortable because you've been tagged ; )

Madam Z said...

I used to date a guy named Mac. I was happy because he was HARD!

Does that help?

Unknown said...

I am a PC whore as well, never have I been accosted by a Mac.

Cup said...

Jesus is taking care of you, you cute li'l prairie muffin.

Eebie said...

Beth is right, Jesus is watching over you. And that's why God made lard, so you can be happy, li'l prairie muffins need their daily 2 1/2 servings. (I wish I could pinch those cheeks now.)

Freida Bee said...

I have become a mac convert, though I am was not all that partial to begin with. One of the things I wanted a mac for with kids who will download any and everything was a computer less susceptible to viruses and spyware. Installing windows on a mac opens it up to those risks, so be vigilant with the protection. I have chosen not to stall windows. I really do not have the need. Alls I know is:

+x= cut
+c= copy
+v= paste
option+`, then e= รจ

good luck.

Distributorcap said...

i almost got the mac --- but i ended up buying a new PC --- it call came down to $$$

Ros said...

If you just bought a new Mac, it already comes with a little widget called 'BootCamp' which will allow you to install Windows XP (Doesn't have to be Professional, Home will do as well) on your Mac and boot to either OS at will, thus getting the best of both worlds.

You could install 32-bit Vista instead of XP, but, err, I can't imagine why anyone would.

Here's Apple's page on BootCamp:

There are also a lot of good tutorials out there for it. I'm a PC guy, but I helped a friend out with a BootCamp install ~5 months ago, and it's truly easy. Actually easier than installing XP on my PC. Good luck!

Dragon Lady said...

JDC is an inspiration and I cannot wait to see where he leads us all next. xoxo


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