Friday, May 23, 2008

Before and After

Though I had Graves' disease and didn't know it, this is what I looked like the day before my eyelids swelled almost three years ago. Since misdiagnoses, multiple medications and going from super hyper/borderline thyrotoxicosis to severely hypothyroid and now here we are today, 14 points away from having a normal thyroid, this is what I look like

My metabolism and all the medications I took caused me to gain a tremendous amount of weight and changed my physical appearance dramatically. Thanks to proper treatment and being so close to a normal thyroid, I've lost 15 1/2 pounds so far. My eyelids have not changed, nor has my vision, not yet anyway, but they will. I haven't given them an option NOT TO. 


Eebie said...

Yay! I got firsts!

You're hot baby! Then and now, you're all beautiful woman!

[As you lose weight, try to keep the boobs. ;) ]

Joe said...

I cannot imagine having my body go haywire on me like that. I am so glad you're turning the corner. You're amazing.

Fran said...

I love you Katie Schwartz and I see only healing and light ahead.

If not I will have to go kick some ass!! Make way for beautiful, brilliant, healthy and amazing Katie world!!

Dale said...

Luckily, the disease does nothing to change your brilliance.

Freida Bee said...

Katie I know your pain in this, and am sorry you had to go through this. Being hyperthyroid for many years I was eating more and more and getting skinnier and skinnier until my 4 cm. goiter (thyroid tumor) was discovered in late pregnancy, which is when I started to get treated and that is where my weight has stuck ever since (six years ago). Sucks. 90% of my throid was removed and the sicko surgeon even took pictures, so I can know it was removed.

I was fortunate to not have the eye damage you have; I was just a raving, jittery loon for years and years and never new why. I am still a raving, jittery loon, but I have something to blame it on now.

You are beautiful, BTW.

Ms Smack said...

I've seen a photo of you, and I honestly believe you're beautiful, whether you're swollen up, or not.

I'm mostly prioritising your comfort over the image, and you know we're similar.

Like your other fans, I adore you, beautiful woman.

Tanya Espanya said...

I'm so jealous that they all got to meet you! Am crushing you with slobbery bloggy love and can't wait until it's my turn to bask in the glory that is you!


Narrator said...

Katie, will you be coming to Toronto? Tanya and me can totally gang bang you.

You're really pretty - before and after your Graves experience. So you know...stuff it. xo


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