Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Most Brilliant Paragraph Evah

By way of Guthy, I found Lauren Cerand's very New-York-literary-fabulous blog and an interview about her, and that's how I found the paragraph in: Women of the Beat Generation, a book I'd never read, though something I have been searching for. Today, it arrived and I am devouring it. I'm 50 pages into it and can't put it down. I'm savoring every word. It's all brilliant, one of the paragraphs is without a doubt the most brilliant I've ever read:

"In many ways, women of the Beat were cut from the same cloth as the men: fearless, angry, high risk, too smart, restless, highly irregular. They took chances, made mistakes, made poetry, made love, made history. Women of the Beat weren't afraid to get dirty. They were compassionate, careless, charismatic, marching to a different drummer, out of step. Muses who birthed a poetry so raw and new and full of power that it changed the world. Writers whose words weave spells, whose stories bind, whose vision blinds. Artists for whom curing the disease of art kills."

Did that take your wig off?! I re-read it a dozen times, it took my breath away.

PS: Lauren (literary publicist) will be moderating "The State of Small Press & Independent Publishing Panel" at the Pilcrow Lit Fest in Chicago May 22nd-May 25th.

PSS: To kick off Earth week, check out this divine eco-creativity on The Debutante Ball by Amy.


Madam Z said...

That's quite a moving paragraph, all right. Those were the days, my friend.

Anonymous said...

So glad that you have relieved me of the pain of an unrequited girlcrush! Can't wait to meet you soon. XOXO.


Amy Guth said...

Right? There was just so much fabulousness in this post I might die of forchness: You, Lauren Cerand and her sparkling ways and that book that I love so much. Well played.

Fran said...

Whoa... wow.

Amazing words. Thanks Kateleh via Gutheleh.

Cup said...

We are so beat, girl.

Anonymous said...

i guess that's a pretty good paragraph...for a woman.

i'd explain myself, but there's a documentary showing on gay elvis impersonators. gotta go.


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