Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Slutney Spears is Knocked up at 16

Oh, I lah'me some white trash God fearing Christian gossip. Jamie Lynn Spears is 16-years-old and knocked up. Fuck me around the corner with a giant Cross and a thorn hat. The shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

For the love of God, child, HAVE AN ABORTION. You people are done procreating. Use a condom and slam some foam up your flange. Turn that womb into a war zone. Would it kill you to have an abortion? You are a CHILD. Why isn't her mother encouraging her to have a fucking abortion?!

My favorite quote from the article is what mama trash said about Jaymalyn's pregnancy, "I didn't believe it because Jamie Lynn's never late for her curfew."

Come'on, you're white trash, you know better. You can still make curfew and get your fuck on, mama. Ain't nobody know that betterd'n you. You done got yurself all knocked up when you was 16'n all.

What a dumb ass thing to say, "Jamie Lynn is never late for curfew". How fuckin' stupid do you have to be to say that OUT LOUD. It's one thing to think fucktard thoughts, but to say them out loud brings it to a whole'notha level of shame. shame. shame. This is a shame sandwich with chips and dip.


Writeprocrastinator said...

Did you trip off how they canceled Mother Spears's book on parenthood after this incident?

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

I'm so surprised that someone that clearly has the means, does not use birth control.

I just learned she did use birth control?

Yes, she prayed to Jesus, after every screw, not to get pregnant. There is no better method than good ole Christian prayer.

But Mr God decided it was a good time for her to be a mother, what shame is there in that. If Mr Deity didn't want her to be a mother, He wouldn't of let her get preggers. You know he controls all.

After all, it work so well for her big sis.

dguzman said...

First time here, and loving it already! Came over from FranSheIs' blog.

What I can't even fathom is what will happen when this CHILD has her baby. I'm sure that kid's gonna be all kinds of screwed up, growing up in that family.

I can't believe she didn't just get an abortion--it would've been way better for the child.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Will Jaime Lynn's kid be the youngest person ever to be in rehab and stalked by pappazzi?

Mountjoy said...

Perhaps she confused "curfew" with "period".

I rather like that Lynne Spears Christian-backed "parenting" book is now on hold... oh, the irony!

Comrade Kevin said...

And to think she could have been a damn fine waitress.

Now she needs to get married, divorced, and remarried to the same boy to really emphasize her white trash roots.

Madam Z said...

Wait till the media find out that her boyfriend is also her cousin...

Anonymous said...

"...Use a condom and slam some foam up your flange...."

Alas, she probably did. The two BC methods are necessarily mutually exclusive. One cancels the effectiveness of the other.
I's such an anal cunt, innit?

Creepy said...

I don't understand why everyone is outraged -- 16 is late for trailer trash's first pregnancy.

Chaylene said...

Check yo' email, Mama. LeeWee has weighed in on the sitch as well.

two crows said...

I found you through franIam and think I'm gonna have to hang around a while. :)
that and $6.50'll get you a cuppa coffee with diapers on the side!

and WHEN will people wake up and realize that children having children is a Bad Idea????

Amy Guth said...

Oh the shaaaaaame.

FranIAm said...

You know, I really don't care if she has the baby or not.

What really gets me going is that this is now turned into a "postive" act by the so-called pro-life circus.

Now THAT really fucks me off.

And the stupid Americans that worship at the altar of StupidWhiteTrash girls like this one will put her on a pillar.

Now if it were some other girl, they would just decry her.

Hypocritical bullshit.

Fucking goys. Oh. Shit.

I am one too. SHIT!

(i love you my kateleh, i truly do.)

Bubs said...

"This is a shame sandwich with chips and dip"

Best line ever.

Thanks for the holiday wishes, Jewgirl!

Anonymous said...

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Mother Jones RN said...

Good God almighty and praise Jesus. What on earth will the preachers and all those other born again Christians think about this sinner? I wish the Spears clan would stop breeding, although their stupidity makes for good entertainment.


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