Saturday, December 08, 2007

Just Arrived

One of my bottles of perfume came five minees ago. I am so over the moon, I could scream. This week, I went on a scent tear and bought a few bottles of my favorite scents. New York by Nicolai is a scent that I haven't been able to find for ages. I found it at (I hate lame irony) LuckyScent. What's fabby about this particular scent is how frequently it changes throughout the day. It's damn sexy and worth every penny, children. PS: It's great for men and women.

I'm an avid collector of vintage and modahn scents. I ain't tawkin outta my ass. Run and get yaself a bottle.

I can't stop smelling myself. Okay, that sounds weird when it's written. Maybe it should have stayed in my head.

PS: Hit Guthy's blog today to read about tampons. It's hilar squared. Politits wrote a scathingly brilliant post about festivus. Loved it. Loved em' both.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, darling! Happy Hannukah, Katie! (Finally in the spirit, so to speak, The Baby and I just lit the candles for the first time this year. Oy!)

Dale said...

Vintage scent? Can't that be recreated by not showering for a day or two?

Mountjoy said...

A parfum called "New York"?

Egads, that would be the scent of stale urine in a subway, wouldn't it?


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