Monday, November 12, 2007

The Writer's Strike

Of course you've heard of the writer's strike, you're not writetarded. Make no mistake this is a no-joke ishy of epic proportions. The writers are in the right. Writers are asking for 4 cents. 4 cents-- that's it. The networks and studios would rather lose millions of dollars every day than pay 4 cents. This makes sense to you?! Oy vey.

Check out this fantastic video Why We Fight, first discovered on my favey new site Very Hot Jews.

Shows are shutting down. The ripple is in full effect. Producers and below the line peeps are being laid off and fired. Authors scheduled to promote their books on late night can't. So many financial hardships could result from this mishogos. All this ahj is worth not forking over 4 cents?! I have nothing to say and everything to tawk.

I found a fabylicious interview with Joe Medeiros head writer for The Tonight Show. Oh, wait, not done yet, and equally juicyviews with writer/producers Judd Apatow, James Brooks and Gary Shandling. Sign a few petitions and show your support. This one and this one.

Boost my button, the one on the right lapel of my bloggy, the typewriter. Hey, I'm not a fuckin' designer. I'm a writer for crissakes. Whadya expect?!


Dale said...

You've been boosted. That video puts things into perspective. I'm so glad I chose independent wealth over writing! I wish.


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