Monday, November 12, 2007

The Fixx Reading Series

This Thursday, November 15th, don't miss Amy Guth's The Fixx Reading Series!

Here's the dish from Ames, pay attention, children. That's your cue to be good listeners. That was my big teacher moment. I've always wanted to have one, I just envisioned it would be with a man... Wait, I'm getting sidetracked - FOCUS, PLEASE.

The Fixx Reading for this month has been thoughtfully moved forward as to not get lost in the shuffle. So, that means that you can get your lit fixx this Thursday, November 15th @ 7:30pm with this month's guests: John Sheppard author of Small Town Punk and Renee Rosen author of Every Crooked Pot

The Fixx Coffee Bar
3053 N Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL

Please note that due to various winter holidays, there will be no reading in December but a stunningly awesome January event, to be sure.

You heard the broad, get your Fixx, peeps. Great authors. Great host. What's bad?! Bupkas that's what. Run like a dawg this Thursday night.



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