Friday, November 16, 2007

Best News Evaaaaaah!

So.So.So. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Guess what?! I'M A FORTHCOMING TITLE. I've never been a forthcoming title. It's fuckin' tits, ahhhhkay. My essay collection is being published in the spring of 08' by So New Media, Amy Guth's publisher. It gets bettah, BFF Amy Guth is EDITING MY BOOK. I know! Are you plotzing and kvelling?! ME TOO. I'm beside myself. Don't ask. It's positively the most wonderful thing in the world. I am so excited. This Jewbroad is the luckiest dame on the planet.

Guthy, thank you for bringing my collection to ya publisher and fah being the menschiest of menschy dames and oy where do I begin?!

Crionaberry, we discussed... you know, my sweet.

Thank you to the most supportive and divine writerly writer friends and fellow bloggers. Ah, you just don't know. When times are shitty, ya's are there. When they're great, you're there, too. You're the best community I have ever known. If I could stuff ya's inside my womb and show you how much I appreciated you, I would. But, you'd have to fly in via my cunt. I say that like it's a bad thing. What am I blogtarded?!


Amy Guth said...

Mazel to the tizzoff. What a forch year '08 will be!

Coaster Punchman said...

Congratulations!!!!!! Ok, so you are both the menschiest broads evah!!!!! Let us know when we can buy our very own hard copies.

You must be on such a high and so too are we!!!!!


Distributorcap said...

i heop they dont place your book next to Ann Coulter's


always remember the little people like us

Adam Deutsch said...

I love wonderful happenings that earn the adjective of "tits." Yes!

Beth said...

Forthcoming, you are my freakin' hero! I am so proud of you! Whatever I can do to get this collection in the hands of others ...

Eebie said...

Awesome stuff! I am so happy for you! Live it all out loud,'ve earned it!

Al Sensu said...



EditorJDC said...

"i heop they dont place your book next to Ann Coulter's"

I believe the result would be the same as laying communion wafer on a vampire.

Speaking of which, I also heard the same thing happens if you put a food stamp on Ann.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Congrats my little dollop of Jewy goodness.

Madam Z said...

Katie, dear, can you stand one more "Congratulations?" And, to answer your question...Yes! I AM plotzing and kvelling!

Anonymous said...

Well aren't you just the maidel mit da klaidel, Katie Scarlet!
Cuntgratulations for o'er here in The Land Of Smiles.
And it's spelled 'teats' by the way. I hope the grifter Guth(with the umlaut) edits that for you.

Tanya Espanya said...

This is so wonderful and fantastic! Congratulations, you groovy chick!

I can't wait to buy the book and then have you sign it!

virgotex said...


as we say down here in Tejas,

mazel tov,baby!

And muchas gracias to Ms. Guff for helping birth your baby.

Seriously great news, sweetie.

Dale said...

Awesome news! Congratulations!! That's so exciting for you and yes, all of us too!

I hope you'll use a nice pen name such as Cunty Cunterson!

Eric Spitznagel said...

Leapin' Moses on a pogo stick, that is the best news I've heard in months! Though you can't see it, I'm doing an ill-advised high-kick of joy, like David Lee Roth after a few too many hits of coke.

Y'know, when a deserving writer gets a book deal, an angel gets its wings. And when a deserving Jewish writer gets a book deal, a professor at Liberty University gets bowel cancer. True story. So, it's win-win for everybody!

Bubs said...


Congrats on the news!

Writeprocrastinator said...

A Huge Congrats!

BTW, and you can't call and tell me??? I have to risk getting in Dutch with work, to find out? ; )

Romius T. said...

this is fantastic news! i cant wait to snap up a dozen copies.

my b-day is soon so i wll be buyin a few bukowski titles.

working has its advantages, sad to say


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