Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Christian Cuddle Parties Continued

Fredrick Schwartz from one of my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite reads, Editorials from Hell's Leading Newspaper, with a writing crew that will make you scream and gasp, wrote about christian cuddle parties:

His spin is politically brilliant and off the hook hilar squared. You have got to check this out. Run. Read. Now.


Fredrick Schwartz said...

Oh ye of Luscious Labia you are far too kind . . .


Hungry Mother said...

Seems like a golden opportunity to me. These babes like "sharing", so I would talk about what a louse I used to be with my huge cock and unreal staying power until I was born again and now am such a nice guy looking for nice friendly hugs and I've sworn chastity now (but my cock is still huge).


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