Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Chris Crocker

The goddess that is diva Chris COCKer has updated her MySpace page. She's even included a sassy top model photo gallery. I love this queen. Did you know she's a preacher?! Can you be a Catholic preacher? If not, she must convert right now. Have you seen the robes? Divine! She would look gorgeous in this one, it's very dramatic. With an open toe gold heal and the right up-do, this one screams come fuck me. Final robe, I promise. It's just so perfect for a parade, right?!


So I've Been Laid Off said...

love your blog. clever-as-hell jewgirl. this chris crocker's a man, btw. i'm fairly sure. in fact, maybe everybody but me knows it, but i keep seeing that five-o-clock shadow above his lip, and look at the picture -- that jaw. this just makes him even funnier, and although his politics are kind of predictable, he beats the hell out of the airplane crashes i youtubed this morning. glad i found your blog.


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