Monday, September 10, 2007

Groovy Dish

The High Holidays are upon us. Guthy is writing again on Jewcy. She wrote a spectacular post about this most introspective time for our people. Run. Read. Learn. It's absolutely beautiful. "All I wish I could Say in a Sentence When Asked to do so"

Have you downloaded the FIRST ISSUE of Astonishing Adventures Magazine? You have got to read it. There are over 180 pages of no joke pulp art and writing. There's a great mix of up and coming and established writers. The stories are so, so, sooooo well written. The art is sexy pulp squared. Over 5,000 downloads so far! The positive reviews have been pouring in. Are you plotzing?! AAM has skyrocketed straight to the top. You've got to read it. PS:: Cormac Brown's piece "Tit for Tat" (page 28) is so divine, it will run chills up your spine. It's a swoony yarn, my friends. Run. Read. Now.



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