Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Run. Read. Now.

Amy Guth is blogging every day this week at Jewcy. As we approach the High Holidays, feast on Guthy's Introspective Jewey, and YES, universal nosh. Her first post, Get Confident, Stupid! is a sumptuous and challenging post... Less is more. Cause and effect. Run. Read. Now. Loved it. Go. Ooh-Ooh comment, too.

Al Sensu has written such an endearing and sexy essay about his first time called "My Slum Goddess" that is so divine. Run. Read. Now. You will love it. It takes place in The Village and it is soooooooo 60s, yo. Tell him how much you love it. Ga-head.


Amy Guth said...

Thank youse, fa tha shout out and oll. Such kind words.


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