Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dead Dog's Club

Of course you're not interested in sharing your deathiest canine yarn, so you should. You need a place to commiserate, cry, laugh and bond. Come on by, beautiful babies. Submit pictures, stories. Whatever. Spin and Send.

Oh, wait, you should visit the Dead Dog's Club first.


Evil Spock said...

Evil Spock had a beloved cat named Zooey that got hit by a car. Evil Spock keeps her ashes in a decorative tin with a Hello Kitty doll attached to her.

Beth said...

Hmmm ... there's the time the kennel poisoned the family dog, and I had to nurse him through the night as he suffered and died. And then there's that cat story that always makes me cry ... but you're asking for doggie tales, right?

Dale said...

Remember this post? It was my dead dog that done it!

Dale said...

But like when he was still alive. In the Iraq and such.


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