Saturday, June 02, 2007

christian domestic discipline, word!

can I get an amen? praise jaysus, baby. thanks to docalicious for sending me the light that is christian domestic discipline. this morning I read an anti-feminist, anti-woman post that is just off the charts brilliant.

Ever so often, some college coed posts somewhere just so she can tell the whole world that she is so smart that she does not have to listen to any man.

It all sounds too good to be true - and it is. Here is why.

A few years ago, the universities of Aberdeen, Bristol, Edinburgh and Glasgow surveyed nine hundred people. In doing so, they made an interesting discovery.

* Women with intelligence scores in the sub and near genius range were about as likely to marry as men with certifiable mental retardation.

* Women slightly brighter than the average college student were about as likely to marry as men with slightly below normal intelligence.

To make matters worse, when compared to men of similar intelligence, there are relatively few women. For example, there are about twice as many men with the IQ of an average air force fighter pilot as there are women of equivalent intelligence.

Very bright women tend to exclude themselves from the human gene pool. Sometimes, they can be quite difficult because no one is ever quite sure how to handle them. Some of these women thrive on irritating men.

My wife might have been one of those people had she not realized at a fairly young age that she needed a husband unafraid to paddle her when she needed to be sraightened out. Sadly, most bright women are too self-absorbed to realize what they sometimes really need.

the title alone makes no sense. it's just stupid. peeny wife beater wrote it. shock of shocks, he actually allows his wife to have a blog. ps: leah, the christian domestic discipline goddess also sells crotchless pantaloons for the slutty born again in you.


Bacon Lady said...

OH.sweet.jehosephat. He SPANKS her if she misbehaves.

One of the comments on one of her blogs hit it on the head stating, " just need to fess up and admit you're a bottom.". ahahahaha

Nicky said...

I just spent like an hour reading through this site and some of its associated sites. I can't decide whether I'm horrified or kind of delighted by their rationalization of their kinks.

Anonymous said...

I was totally pulled in. I guess secretly I'm into spanking and discipline - who knew? Not me.

I kept thinking "surely this is a joke," but like nicky, I think this is really an interesting way to justify a fetish so that it's okay with god.

The writer Sir Don seems particularly fond of the spanking and has spent a great deal of time "thinking" about it.

Ms Smack said...

unafraid to paddle her when she's out of line?

I think we need to remember that to allow someone to reign supreme, they have to have a willing sub.

ie. willing. He's only as powerful as she allows herself to be submissive.

she's still the boss.

Joe said...

Read through enough of Leah's blog and you get mentions of fibromyalgia, and her problems keeping up with housework...and she's from Kentucky, my home state, and a homeschooler like we were.

I am so very proud right now.

I am going to drink more and go to sleep.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"My wife might have been one of those people had she not realized at a fairly young age that she needed a husband unafraid to paddle her when she needed to be straightened out."


"Sadly, most bright women are too self-absorbed to realize what they sometimes really need."

Methinks he would spank the "dumb" ones too, if he had the chance.

Okay class, let's review...

The Taliban? Has women dress up as beekeepers.

The CDD Guy? Has them dress up as Amish librarians.

The Taliban? Women are beheaded for adultery and stoned for impure thoughts.

The CDD Guy? "Oh, you spilled a drop of milk. Looks like Mister Table Tennis Paddle won't be lonely tonight."

Anonymous said...

This site is so OBVIOUSLY a joke. It's a parody of hypocritical religiosity twined with deviant sexuality. Lets be honest, lots of you just didn't get the joke.

Anonymous said...

i really don't think this is a joke. my mom's a non-denomonational christian. they're fucked up. and i mean really fucked up when it comes to domsetic relationships. i think other women should form a group and kidnap these women and take them somewhere and fix them. this is poisoning society.

Anonymous said...

I am a woman of 51, college educated and in a very male oriented type job , however i firmly believe in the old fashion traditions of marriage and relationships and i think society has been taken over by selfish spoiled idiots whose mantra is me first and forget the rest .

I very much believe women should respect a man , enjoy life with him , work together for the same goals and yes he should put her over his knee and spank her or use other disciplines to keep the relationship in good standing .

If you have never been spanked nor understand the concept of respect you will never understand how loving caring this type of relationship can be .

Look at our youth today, most of it is the womans fault for not taking her part in the household and raising them properly and husbands also for letting it get out of hand . I dont believe in spanking children but i do believe a woman in a relationship should be spanked or disciplined if she does nto respect her spouse or spends too much money or whatever the case is ..

Its all about respect and trust in levels that most of society have no clue about .

I hope more men will get a set of balls and figure out their place in a relationship and begin showing it and i dont mean in beating or hateful or mean ways but in caring loving ways .

When i find that right one i will be thrilled to give him respect love and caring ...

LadyTakenInHand at

Anonymous said...

p.s. If you find a Jewish Group like this please let me know , I would love to join a Jewish Domestic Discipline Group .

LadyTakenInHand at

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me that people have to tie something they don't know anything about to something they dislike so it's easier to make fun of it. Read the story, see how they have chosen to live this style. My partner brought me into this, I did not tell her she needed spanking. It's not sex, it's not abuse and it's not if there is a mental problem. You can tie that stuff in, like you have already done. Your life works, great, noone is knocking it and making fun of it, why do you choose to make fun of us? Remember that most of us lived your lifestyle, it was not working. Can you really say yours is working, well tell yourself that when your arguing with your spouse "Oh Boy this is working great!" When you ask "Does he really love me" tell yourself your life is not like those weirdos that know they love each other.

Katie Schwartz said...

Dear Anonymous,

Though I wrote about it in a humorous way and find it a hysterical concept, but I recognize the importance of it.

I don't judge. Whatever mutually consenting adults choose to do is entirely their business and nobody elses.

If fundamentalists could separate church and state and exercise the same tolerance that you request from, say, me, I would be really appreciative.


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