Monday, May 07, 2007

cunt broach

there's a cunt broach in the world and I don't own it. fuck. cunt.cunt.cunt.cunt.cuntity.cunt.cunt.cunt.

non sequitur of the day: cunt brunch. isn't that funny? it just popped into my head. who wants an invite?


Joe said...
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Joe said...

I admire your ability to toss the c-word around, I really do. Surely you deserve at least a commemorative broach for your efforts.

I feel really sheepish. I tagged you, but hadn't noticed at the time you'd already been --sigh-- tagged by another. So disregard.

Bacon Lady said...

What a find! I must own one.

Does it come in a belt buckle?

Ros said...

You were so funny today I think I owe you money!

Al Sensu said...

Will you be serving brunch at the Y ?

Anonymous said...

where can i get that from? My ex-Boyfriend is the biggest c**t in the world and he would love to wear this... no joke if anyone knows where i can get it from.



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