Sunday, March 18, 2007

john sims artist, activist, aquarius

if you don't want to fuck john sims, you have issues. he's an insanely talented, controversial artist, ethnomathmatician, activist and he's painfully easy on the eyes.

ok, so he's likely prone to fits of over-the-top-preachy-intensity and coffee-klatch worthy chattiness. nothing sitting on his face wouldn't cure.

ANYWHO... I do have a point to this post about the aforementioned fuck daddy of doom.

one of his installations, "The Proper Way to Hang a Confederate Flag" (seen below) at the Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science has caused such agida, the king of censorship himself, commander of the local Sons of Confederate Veterans chapter is trying to get it removed, calling the display of Sims' work "offensive, objectionable and tasteless."

he also called Sims an "irrelevant individual" with no artistic talent. There are some people who have great talent, and they rely on that talent to be successful. There are others who don't have great talent, and they have to rely on a gimmick."

here are some excerpts from the article, Confederate Flag Exhibit Ignites Uproar.

A Confederate flag hung from a noose in a display titled "The Proper Way to Hang a Confederate Flag" has upset visitors to a museum in Tallahassee, Fla.

The museum, however, announced Friday it is standing by Sims' work, on display since Feb. 26, because it wants to inspire dialogue in the community about a symbol that engenders a diversity of strong responses.

Florida statutes say it's unlawful to "deface, defile or contemptuously abuse" the Confederate flag, but say it's also illegal to prevent the display of the flag "for decorative or patriotic purposes."

"I think that we're well within the statute," Barber said.

it's comforting to know that the museum is standing by his work. at least they aren't advocating censorship.

ps: am I the only idiot who didn't know about the florida confederate flag law? ah, the annihilation of our civil rights in action. nicely done, fla. nicely done.

support the child's work!


Mountjoy said...

"if you don't want to fuck john sims, you have issues"

Sorry, Katie, but try as I might, Mr Sims isn't doing it for me. Leewee in a peek-a-boo and fishnets, however...

Writeprocrastinator said...

"the local Sons of Confederate Veterans chapter is trying to get it removed, calling the display of Sims' work "offensive, objectionable and tasteless."


...I'm flabbergasted...

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I saw a 4x4 truck with a bumper sticker that said "I don't care if you do it that way up North!"

The war goes on here in the South.

And they think they should fucking get to drive our national elections.

I always find it amusing when they fly the United States flag and the Confederate flag on the same pole. They seem clueless about how schizo that really is.

Eebie said...

Mr Sims ain't makin me want to jag my johnson. Sorry but Neither does Leepee or Leewee, even in fishnets (but it would be nice to see in case I'm wrong). Jo from The Facts I'd romp.

D-cup, nice tits. I'm glad to see you wear them with pride.

Stars and Stipes with the Confed flag; laws about defacing - everyone thinks they should have it all and have it delivered.

DrugMonkey, Master of Pharmacy said...

Now I know this will come too late to receive proper credit, but around the time they plucked John Walker Lindh out of Afghanistan, I told a few folks that here was a man who took up arms against the United States of America to fight for things he thought more important, making him little different from Robert E. Lee, with the possible exception of leadership and management skills.

Holy crap you wanna make some people mad say something like that.

I hate the South. It's my one irrational prejudice and I know it's wrong, but tell me you're from Alabama or Mississippi and I will assume you are stupid until you show me otherwise.

I love the installation. Perhaps I should go to Florida and publicly wipe my ass with the Stars and Bars and become a professional test case.

Al Sensu said...

You know I'm 100% straight, but that piece he made about the flag is so great, OK, I'll blow him.

I lived in the south for some years and it felt like the war (or as they say, "wo-ah" ended just a couple of years before. Forgetting what I think the Confederate flag stood for (i.e. slavery), no-one can argue that it stood for people who wanted to separate from the United States of America. So how can these people who celebrate that flag -- the flag of traitors to the USA -- claim to be patriots?


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