Thursday, February 01, 2007

no distribution for hounddog

I'm still famished about this. (two weeks late, but not a dollah short). leave it to fucks news to report it as: no buyers for dakota fanning rape movie. here's a real article about it on the hollywood reporter blog. Catholic League Attacks Sundance Fanning Rape Film Hounddog.

this movie should have distribution. it's an important film. lots of hot sapphic sex. KIDDING. gahd. it's extremely uncomfortable subject matter. levity never killed anyone. it's a coping mechanism, donchya know.

thousands of children are being raped and molested in this country every day. if this movie invokes change or gives one kid the courage to speak up, isn't it worth it?

ya betchya sweet ass it is.


otto said...

I would also like to see the movie, but unfortunately no one has as yet decided to invest in its distribution. There are two reasons though. One is the conspiracy surrounding the movie (which was cooked up by the likes of Sean Hannity and Bill Donohue using Dakota's success and popularity to push their idiot agenda). The other is the bad reviews the movie has received.

But I'd still like to see the movie and decide for myself. Rape is an important subject that needs to be discussed, plus Dakota is simply too good of an actor to miss one of her performances.

Evil Spock said...

This isn't frikkin' kiddie porn; someone go ahead and give it the greenlight.

Evil Spock won't be seeing the film, but it should be made per Katie's reasoning.

Ms Smack said...

Probably someone in power hoping to stop people recognising the signs of kids that need help.....

Katie, I've been neglecting my mates blogs, and I'm sorry!!!

BUT let me tell you, i love the format and design of this new blog. Its rockin'

I'll email you, pronto, pretty lady.

katie schwartz said...

otto, WE are so on the same page.

you know... I dated an otto. he was an alaskan sea fisherman. that's just an fyi for no particular reason.

katie schwartz said...

why won't evil spock see the film? though I do appreciate that you are advocating its distribution.

katie schwartz said...

shalom sweet honey smack. it is sooo great to see you! how are you, lovey. what's shakin?

I just got a fab email from you and I am emailing you back straightaway.

Evil Spock said...

Hello Katie,

The reason Evil Spock won't be seeing the film, is that Evil Spock treats cinema as a form of escapism, and this film is to close to reality.

Evil Spock works with at risk families whilst undercover in the daytime, and unfortunately has to deal with child sex offenders on a semi-regular basis.

Plus Evil Spock thinks the movie is going to be extremely depressing; same reasons why Evil Spock still hasn't seen Boys Don't Cry.

Dale said...

Although I've no big inclination to see the movie, why would any reasonable person want to block it? What the fuck is wrong with this world? Katie? Fix it please?

Romius T. said...

If it isn't kiddie porn who wants to see it? That little Dakota has it coming.


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