Tuesday, February 20, 2007

cable meat

I'm not the power slut I once was. it's far more interesting to be slutty and whoreish with one man that you're crazy about.

yes, it's true, I compartmentalize men. datebles are fiercely intelligent, make me laugh my ass off and floss. I don't have a physical type in that realm. meat for the week, well, keep reading...

when you're a single broad, you get hungry and you want a snack from time to time (meat for the week). I do so enjoy a hearty blue collar meal in workman's boots with calloused hands and thick forearms. a sweaty brow pretty much puts me over the edge.

ps: don't you go thinking I'm some tool belt chasing tessie now, cause I ain't.

my cable boy was definitely nosh worthy. the problem, he could not shut his fuckin' pie hole for five fuckin' minutes. he wasn't the sharpest sweetener in the bin, so he laughed at everything. his timing wasn't even off, it was just wildly inappropriate, which would've been turn off enough. but no, he couldn't stop himself. he took me through every single trade school escapade he'd had.

he got my box on, but left me dry as a bone.


Al Sensu said...

Well, that's the choice, isn't it? Swarthy calloused hunks of Protestant blood, or we soft-skinned intellectual Jewish boys.

Note for next time: Have a ball-gag at the ready.

John said...

I'm calloused! Okay, my fingers are from writing. Okay, just a little red at times. I used to have one on my forefinger from drawing, but I do digital now. The callous is gone.

I know! My soul is calloused from all of the rejection letters! Okay, maybe just my heart from silly singers I know.

I give up.

I like Louie!


Dale said...

He got my box on? Hilarious.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"Note for next time: Have a ball-gag at the ready."

Shit, I was thinking that or duct tape, but I wasn't going to say it.

Mountjoy said...

Do you really floss your arse, Katie?

Ms Smack said...

Have you considered that he was nervous in your presence and talked incessantly to cover his obvious attraction?


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