Sunday, February 11, 2007

and now for.... fartkisaf

fartkisaf: friday's fears and reminder that katie is a freak.... but on saturdays sunday this week because she's a forgetful bitch.

1. I know I'm just moving downstairs, but I have a lot to pack, organize and throw away. will I get it done in time? that's a rhetorical question.

2. a mixed bag of emotions. it's good, and peppered with that perfect dose of fear and neurosis we've all come to expect from sowlicious.

3. menses has begun as of 1PM today. all of my black pants are in the laundry or dry cleaners. I worry about leakage. it's a heavy flow this month. mind you, I'm grateful the egg's rollin'.

that's it for now. I'm trying to exercise restraint. you think it's easy? oy.



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