Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Reinaldo Arenas

if you don't know reinaldo arenas work, you must read him immediately. he was an exiled cuban novelist and poet. read his books.

I am that child
with the round, dirty face
who on every corner bothers you with his
“Can you spare a quarter?”

I am that child with the dirty face,
no doubt unwanted,
that from far away contemplates coaches
where other children
emit laughter and jump up and down considerably

I am that unlikeable child definitely unwanted,
with the round dirty face
who before that giant street lights or under the grandams also illuminated
or in front of the little girls that seem to levitate
projects that insult of his dirty face

I am that angry and lonely child of always,
that throw you the insult and warns you:
if hypocritically you pat me on the head
I would take that opportunity to steal your wallet

I am that child of always
before the panorama of imminent terror
imminent leprosy, imminent fleas,
of offenses and the imminent crime.

I am that repulsive child that improvises a bed
out of an old cardboard box and waits,
certain that you will accompany me


Anonymous said...

Wow. Never heard of him. Will definitely be reading him. Thanks.

Evil Spock said...

Evil Spock is that child on the honor roll at Northaven Elementary school.

Good stuff, Evil Spock is surprised to find something without any signs of alum from Facts of Life.

Miss Cellania said...

I ahve run across his work from time to time and never read a poem of his that didn't move me.

katie schwartz said...

d-goddess, you have to read him. you will LOVE HIM. his work is so beautiful and gritty. it's raw and unforgiving. read him.

katie schwartz said...

sorry, I mean, unapologetic.

katie schwartz said...

I know, surprise, surprise, right, evil?! believe it or not, bubbie, my landscape goes beyond the facts of life.

shocking, ain't it?!

katie schwartz said...

yeah, I agree with you, miss cellania!


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